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    • 10 Dec 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (CST)
    • Online via Zoom
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    TCQAA, in collaboration with TwinSpin, is pleased to announce our December event:  The 12th Annual World Quality Report (WQR), presented by Sogeti/Capgemini

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    Meeting Schedule:

    4:00 - Welcome, Social Time and Open Discussion Topic: What has been the greatest improvement in your QA organization in 2020? 

    4:15 Presentation begins

    5:15 Q&A

    5:30 End


    Our co-presenters, Kyle Abraham and Sathish Natarajan, are both contributing authors for the 12th Annual World Quality Report!  We will hear directly from these global leaders about the key findings of the report and what they mean for the future of testing and quality within your organizations.

    One of the key conclusions is that the value of quality assurance (QA) and testing to the success of an organization has continued to increase (not decrease, as some had speculated might occur with the rise of Agile and DevOps). 

    The 12th annual World Quality Report is based on research findings from 1,750 interviews carried out during June and July 2020 and therefore reflects the impact of covid19 on these organizations.  The report has lots of great insights for quality, including:

    • the impact of the pandemic on QA and IT strategy, forcing teams to do even more with even less, and to adjust to new ways of working with their colleagues
    • how the acceleration in the transition to agile and DevOps ways of working, as well as the transition to digital businesses has increased the importance of QA and testing
    • a willingness to change going forward, with a high percentage of survey respondents anticipating important transformations for QA and Testing operations

    About our Presenters:  

    Minnesota based, Kyle Abraham is the Director for the Heartland Division of Capgemini's Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering Practice (DAQE), and has been in the digital assurance world for more than twenty years.  He started out as a C/C++ QA developer and moved into automation and performance testing. In the last 10+ years, he has led several large, multi-million dollar quality engineering global teams and agile programs. In addition to program leadership, Kyle has been leading strategic global solutions and quality engineering advisory and assessment engagements. Kyle endeavors to support quality engineering leaders to focus on upstream quality in order to ensure the best outcome for their clients and employers. His industry background includes a depth of experience in Life Sciences, SAP, Retail, and Financial Services. 

    From his home in San Francisco, Sathish Natarajan serves Capgemini as a Vice President, and the Global Practice Leader for the DAQE Practice.  In this role, Sathish is responsible for leading the global growth strategy, establishing Capgemini’s market position, providing thought leadership and driving innovation for Capgemini’s internal teams – as well as its client’s teams.  Sathish is a testing service practitioner with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the quality and testing discipline.  He has acquired a rich blend of experience – leading high performing global teams, developing shared practices, driving quality program innovation, delivering large scale program management, advising clients, and ensuring customer success. 

    The Capgemini DAQE practice includes more than 23,000 testing professionals, serves more than 500 clients and operates 75 managed testing centers around the world.  With the invaluable contributions from Kyle and Sathish, Capgemini has been established for many consecutive years as the leader of testing by NelsonHall, and one of the top 3 in the Leader Quadrant by Gartner.  

    As the sponsor and producer of the “World Quality Report” in partnership with MicroFocus for 12 years, Capgemini has contributed invaluable research and insights that have helped to guide the profession to seize the opportunities of technology innovation and expand the value of quality assurance within organizations.

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