Twin Cities Quality Assurance Association

Partners Contacts Admins (maintain each Partner's Membership list):

 Corporation Contact
 Allianz (2018)  Jill Tuchtenhagen
 The Bulldog companies (renewed for 2019) Christian Pederson
 Hollstadt Consulting (renewed for 2019) Grete Tiemeier
 Improving (renewed for 2019) Salli Rarick
 Intelligent Quality Solutions (2018) Kristen Diehl-Crowell
 Perfecto (2018) 
 Point Click Care (new 2019 member) Brian Koehler
 RBC Wealth Management (2018) Warren McLeod
 Saucelabs (renewed for 2019) Bill McGee
 Securian (2018) Karmen Mattsen
 State of Minnesota - IT (renewed for 2019) Richard Anderson
 SureScripts (2018) Karen Limke
 SWAT Solutions (2018) Nick Roseth
 tapQA (renewed for 2019) Tom Stewart
 Trissential (renewed for 2020) April Weseloh
 US Bank (2018) Kristin Wachs
 Wolters Kluwer (2018) Tami Wyman


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